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 On the subject of Pokemon Remakes.

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Lavender Frost

Lavender Frost

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PostOn the subject of Pokemon Remakes.

Theres lots of talk of Pokemon remakes and I feel like posting a blog offering my thoughts on the subject.

Ok Ive seen alot of people lately that are constantly talking about how they want FireRed/LeafGreen remakes. I honestly dont think that that is happening at all anytime soon. People seem to think this will happen for reasons such as:
1. Kanto has been inclded in every generation- Yes, that may be, but this generation, I think it probably wont be. Lets have a break from Kanto. I know Kanto was the original region, but honestly Im sick of it.

2. Kanto needs to be remade because The GBA slot is dead- That may be, but remember Kanto was in HG/SS, giving access to Kanto Pokemon and legendaries. You can catch the Bird Trio and Mewtwo, and there was even a Mew event. With that logic, R/S remakes are also required, which in my opinion would honestly be the better remake.

A remake of FR/LG makes little sense currently. It honestly would be so refreshing to not see Kanto for a while, give it a generation or a couple generations then revisit Kanto.

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On the subject of Pokemon Remakes. :: Comments

Re: On the subject of Pokemon Remakes.
Post on Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:19 pm by Neosquid
1. Yeah, I dont see Kanto being included this gen. It was only in Generation two cause Johto borders Kanto, allowing you to easily travel to it. And it was only in generations 3 and 4 due to remakes.

2. Yes. We have HG/SS for Kanto. And of course R/S remakes are needed.

I mean, sure, Kanto can be in future games, I just doubt it will be in the form of a LG/FR remake. Remaking a remake just seems silly.
Lavender Frost
I know but Ive seen alot of people that talk about this concept, usuing the same arguements over and over. Hoenn honestly should be remade. Theres no question about it really. They have every reasont to remake R/S and basically none to remake a game thats already been remade of a region that is still very accessable. If you want Kanto Pokemon on B/W use PokeTransfer or trade for them. Its just sillyness in my opinion. I honestly sometimes wonder if people are saying this to troll. Ive even sen stuff saying they think Kanto should appear in an R/S remake, Im sorry but WTF, it wasnt included in the original R/S, so why would it ever be in a remake?
Re: On the subject of Pokemon Remakes.
Post on Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:29 pm by H-con
I think my opinion on remake are clear (to shortly summarize it, not now. Three-four years, maybe), but I don't really find that a sufficient amount of people really want it to make up more than background noise from Kanto-fanboys.
Re: On the subject of Pokemon Remakes.
Post on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:43 am by Thanatos
I'm pretty sure the only Kanto we might see this gen is in the genIII remakes.
And by that, i mean the sevii islands.

On the subject of Pokemon Remakes.

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