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 I have a question.

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Dark Trinity
Dark Trinity

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PostI have a question.


So, I've been thinking about importing Black 2 (or White 2). According to Play-Asia, they come out June 23rd. Now, Black 2 and White 2 are scheduled for an American release of, according to Play-Asia, October, 2012. I know that it's roughly a five month wait (isn't bad for localization), but to be honest I'm kind of...impatient.

I'm aware that the games are region-locked, and I'm most likely not going to understand anything (But Homika... MY GOD. ROCK STAR GYM LEADER. MAYBE SHE CAN REPLACE IRIS IN THE ANIME BUT THAT'S FOR ANOTHER BLOG), but they do seem interesting and it would be the first time I've imported a game. And I am interested in learning Japanese, and I figured, what better place to start than, you know, a Japanese video game? I've been considering watching some of the Japanese Best Wishes! episodes as they air as well, but I don't know if that would help as much to be perfectly honest.

The games are 60 dollars + 6 dollars shipping (knowing me I'd probably have to get the most expensive shipping to prove to my parents it wouldn't take four weeks xD), making it $66. I don't quite know if it's worth it to be perfectly honest, since it'd only be a five month wait and there's always YouTube videos I suppose, but... Eh, I don't know. *shrugs*

Truthfully, I probably won't end up importing the games. It all comes down to if I have the money - which part of me doubts I will to be perfectly honest xD

Long story short - is it worth importing a video game that I don't know much about thus far (besides the fact that most of Unova is "frozen over"..), that I wouldn't understand, etc...? I might just wait for the English versions, but I want to be able to provide new information for the games when they come out. I don't want to be one of those people who just waits for scans or waits for Bulbapedia/Serebii to update.

Of course, I could always update with English names and whatnot I guess. I don't know to be honest. xD

That and I'm thinking of taking an HTML class. I got some CSS down for ZB skins now I just need to learn HTML. xD

/end rambling about nothing




Chewbacca is the guy, Leia is the girl:
H-Con, I know you've apparently watched Star Wars.. Doesn't the female have a Princess Leia hairstyle? PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT JUST GOING CRAZY.
I prefer the female protag to be honest. Like I said the male just looks too much like Chewbacca, hair-style wise. That and the rival (haven't seen many fan arts of him yet) is kind of cool. Might do the rival instead of the man characters.He reminds me a bit of Silver with blue hair and a red...jacket thing (basically swapped color design?).
Funny how the protags get confirmed after my classmates say everyone needs to watch 8 hours of Star Wars each day.

Okay, now REALLY...
/REALLY end rambling about nothing


[23:41:20] @ Deanne the Arsonist : "Lol no I understand. xD That rainbow cake looks really good and yes I know he has no vagina xD"
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I have a question.

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