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 To those that this might interest

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PostTo those that this might interest

Okay, I get it. There's a lot of Hoenn fans out there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking Hoenn or gen III in general. But I think we should clear up some things regarding those blasted remakes. This is directed at Hoenn specifically, because it's what the talk is about these days, but these could practically be used towards any generation.

(I would, however, like to point out that this isn't meant to be taken personally. If you are insulted by my opinions, then I apologize, but this is how I see the most popular arguments towards a RS remake. If you don't like slightly annoyed opinions (hey, it's a blog), turn around now)

First of all, I would like to say it's not a good thing in general that people are so obsessed with remakes over games with new content. I read basically the same reasons to remake Hoenn.
    - Want to see it in updated graphics. Oh boy, have I heard this before, and this basically shows tendencies of graphic whoring. "Hoenn will look great in 3D". So what? You're playing pokémon, you don't expect amazing graphics. Or let me rephrase, if you play pokémon and think those graphics are awesome, go play some console or PC. In addition, this is so nostalgia-based I don't know what to say. Wanting to see a region again in new graphics isn't a valid reason for anyone to create a new game.
    - They will make money off them. Sure thing, but easy money? Compare having a complete region in the current engine with creating something brand new from scratch. What takes the most effort compared to sales? Remakes take a lot of effort (which isn't negative, because using time to make it good, is good). With fans buying either a third version or a remake regardless, I find this point a bit moot.
    - Wanting younger players to experience the same. This is just cultural arrogance and it's like trying to make your opinion on what's best enforced on others. That, and somehow it matter what new game kids play, what does it matter if it's one or another? Also, everyone doesn't need to play all the games in the series, just because you want them to play your favorite.
    - It's inevitable. Possibly, but not at the moment. We shouldn't rush the inevitable just because it's inevitable. Rather, we should space remakes apart with new content.
    - It's nostalgia. Nostalgia, along with pirating and general fanboyism/90-kids are cancers in todays gaming, at least that's how I see it. Suffocates innovation. Hate it. Can make money though, but that's not really my concern. I want good games.
    - Hoenn deserves it because Johto/Kanto. No. Neither "deserved" it, at least in my eyes, at the very least not Johto (certainly when you look on the rather disappointing HGSS, they could have been so much more). Just because one game got remade doesn't mean that every should, and it certainly sets a bad precedent for further generations considering remakes.

However, perhaps the biggest issue is that going remake - new game - remake over three years isn't good for a video game series, certainly not something as repetitive as pokémon. If you space them more apart, then I would be more positive towards remakes.
As much as I loved Gold (after all, favorite game of all in the series), I really wanted change in HGSS. This, however, was lacking in the fields that needed it the most. I feel that a RS remakes would do the same, and fall into the nostalgia-trap. If there was a lot of things I would have changed in Johto, Hoenn sure has an equal amount I would like different.

Maybe I'm just too biased towards RS though. Hoenn might have been the least loved generation for some time ago, but that ended at least 2-3 years ago, and is most popular. No wonder why people want a remake, but I really wish people would stop up and actually think what this implies for the series as a whole.

Feel free to disagree though. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that I. Hate. Nostalgia. With a passion.
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To those that this might interest

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