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 Video Game Music Thread

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Video Game Music Thread Empty
PostSubject: Video Game Music Thread   Video Game Music Thread EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 8:40 pm

Discuss music from games other than Pokemon here.
Your favorite, your least favorite, the series with the best music, etc...

I for one enjoy the music from Twilight Princess.
It has epic themes (Argorok battle) and sad ones (Midna's Lament).




The end credits make me so sad.
It makes me feel like my adventure is over ;___;[flash][/flash]
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Video Game Music Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Video Game Music Thread   Video Game Music Thread EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 1:37 am

Wow, I love video game music. :O

Heres some of my favorites. Not counting Pokemon music, since I posted those in the other thread. And, Im gonna try to post only one song a series.

Battle with Magus (Chrono Trigger)


This theme is probably one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, song from Chrono Trigger. And Chrono Trigger has great music in my opinion. Anyways, I think this song fits Magus really well, and is pretty epic.

Master Porkys Theme (Mother 3)


Porky is like my favorite villain ever, and this theme really fits him, I think. Its epic, and it also has a bit of a sad feeling to it, which I like.

Giant Twilit Shadow Parasite (Zelda Twilight Princess)


Its not my favorite Zelda song, but its one of them. I just find this theme very threatening and suitable for any large dangerous monster, especially a seamonster.

E102 Gamma (Sonic Adventure DX)


Honestly, I thought Sonic Adventure 1 was a pretty meh game, but some of its music was pretty damn good. E102 Gamma has a pretty awesome theme. Its surprisingly emotional for a robot.

Galacta Knight Battle (Kirby Superstar Ultra)


Wow this music is epic....also, I wanna note this guy is pretty damn hard when you fight him as Kirby, so like the music, he is NOT a pushover. At least, I remember him being difficult.

Meta Ridley Battle (Metroid Prime)


Ridley is an awesome villain, and his battle themes are really good too. This particular theme is probably one of his best ones.

Bowser Jr. Battle (Super Mario Galaxy)


This is probably one of my favorite songs in Super Mario Galaxy. If only the battle wasnt so easy..... =/

Yeah, I posted a lot, but I couldent help it, k? And yes, I know I have a thing for boss battle themes..... -.-

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Video Game Music Thread
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