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 the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.}

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the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.} Empty
PostSubject: the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.}   the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.} EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 10:21 pm

to those who are desperately alone

the devil's gift
by rachel "starlight" fallin

chapter one; someone's standing on my chest

Taylor Duncan was never the kind of guy that liked to put up fights. In fact, he was deathly afraid of them. He was deathly afraid of everything.

He warily cast a glance at the cafeteria table in front of him, taking note of the big and buff blond-haired boy who met his gaze with a death glare. He immediately looked back at his food tray and continued to eat his glob of meatloaf with small bites.

Just as he was about to swallow down his last bite, the teacher called for his class and he got up and threw his tray away, quickly walking past the buff boy's table to throw it in the trash.

Just as he left the cafeteria with his class, he could feel the cold stare of the boy's blue eyes upon his back and he felt a shiver up his spine.

Back in class, Taylor busily wrote down notes as the teacher droned on about an algebraic equation. The rest of the class was fast asleep, and the only sound of a pencil scraping against paper was from Taylor's desk.

A yawn from behind nearly made him fall out of his chair, and in the process, he dropped his pencil. He groaned as he picked up the pencil and when he went to go take notes again, he forgot what the teacher had previously said. A bit angry, he faced the kid behind him and growled, “Thanks a lot.”

The kid looked at him and just laughed, “I did you a favor. Stop being the smartass around here and be cool for once, nerd.”

Taylor's face went red and the kid smiled a devilish smile. Feeling like an idiot, Taylor faced his paper again and just wrote down what the teacher said next.

“Can you quit with the noise...?” a kid mumbled a few desk rows over as her head lay flat on her desk.

Taylor ignored her and continued to write.

Apparently, some other kids heard the noise as well and moaned as they awoke from their slumber. Someone threw a ball of paper at Taylor's head, another sent a paper airplane at his back.

One kid in the way back make a frustrated growl and cursed Taylor under his breath for awakening him from his “beauty rest.”

Taylor could feel anger welling up in his stomach and chest. When would these kids learn to be mature and actually try to excel in school?

The bell rang and Taylor almost jumped ten feet in the air. The rest of the class laughed at him and gathered up their things.

Taylor slowly packed his things up, and looked at the teacher as if to ask if there was any homework.

“No homework. It's a Friday, remember?” The teacher replied with a shake of her head.

Taylor nodded and picked up his books and pens and went out into the school hallway.
Immediately, he was greeted by the same boy from the cafeteria.

“Hey nerd, what's going on, huh? You got some free time after school?” He said. His buddies came up from behind him and snickered at Taylor.

“What do you want, Joe?” Taylor asked with a deep frown.

“Oh, I just wanted to hang out with you today. I decided to stop being my usual jock self and maybe get to studying with you.”

Taylor raised an eyebrow, “... And why should I trust you?”

Joe shrugged and gave a friendly smile, “People change, including me. C'mon, I just wanna be your buddy. You've never had friends before anyway.”

Taylor's frown went away and he smiled back, “... Thanks Joe, I'll see you after sixth period then.” With that, he walked off to his locker, Joe and his crew snickering behind him.

Sixth period came and went. Taylor walked out of his English class with his new book he got from the library in hand.

He went to his locker and put his book in his backpack and dragged it out of the locker. He walked out of the front doors of the school and down the steps. He scanned the crowd of teenagers that were coming out and spotted Joe and his friends sitting down at a bench near the stairs to the school. Feeling excited that he made a new friend, Taylor gleefully walked toward them with a skip in his step.

“H-hey guys!” Taylor called, now running towards them with a waving hand in the air. His feet caught in a crack on the concrete sidewalk and Taylor fell flat on his face with an “Oof..”

Joe's friends laughed at Taylor. Joe just smiled and walked over to Taylor, offering him a hand up.

“Thanks...” Taylor said as he stood up and dusted his clothes off.

Joe nodded as a “you're welcome” and he ushered Taylor over to his buddies who were now standing.

“So, where are we hanging out at?” Taylor asked, “Certainly not my place I hope, I do think you know I live in an orphanage home.”

Joe nodded again. “Yes we know, and we're just going to take a walk to the park today. Get to know each other, eh? The studying will begin tomorrow.”

“OK, cool. Just make sure that I go early so I can get home before six. I want to finish my homework before the weekend.”

Joe looked at his friends and they laughed quietly to themselves, “OK, we'll make sure of that.”

Taylor, Joe, and his friends, Daniel and Noah, walked on the streets of their city, Manhattan. They headed towards the park, barely speaking if not at all. Taylor wondered why, Joe had said they wanted to know more about Taylor. Was he supposed to spark up a conversation? He was new to this whole friend thing. He never had a true friend before. The only person that came close to a friend, was his care owner at the orphanage. The other kids there ignored him completely.

The thing was, Taylor was very shy. He was afraid of saying something stupid and his new friends would abandon him for his idiocy. He tried to think of a topic to talk about, but nothing came up, and he was left with this impulse hanging on his tongue.

Finally, Joe and his friends turned around to face Taylor, stopping abruptly as they did so. Taylor almost ran into them, but stopped himself.

“Hey, what gives? I thought we were heading to the park?”

Joe laughed, “You aren't as smart as a I thought you were, Taylor. I thought you would know that we were lying the whole time.”

Taylor could feel sweat fall down his brow, “You mean... You don't want to be my friend?”

“Of course we don't; we hate your goddamn guts.”

Just then, Joe tried to make an advance at Taylor, but he was off running in a second. He ran down the back streets, straight towards the orphanage which was his only sanctuary. He pushed passed crowds of people, and was always fearfully looking behind his back to see if Joe was chasing him.

It was a couple blocks away that Taylor finally tired out and was left panting on a corner of a street, out of breath and winded from his flight.

He looked up and tried to figure out where he was. He felt fear well up in him as he realized he was in a place he had never been before. He was located on a darkened street, that was getting darker as the afternoon turned into dusk. All he could hear was the wind blowing softly, and the skitter of a newspaper skimming the ground, trying to take into the air from the breeze.

At once, Taylor felt betrayed and hurt. He couldn't believe he had fallen for Joe's tricks. What a fool he was. But then again, Taylor was desperate. He was so alone in the world. He had no friends or family, and felt as if the world had turned his back on him. Was he really supposed to be on Earth? If he killed himself, would anyone even care? He was 15 years old, never had friends, never been in a relationship; everyone he knew at school wasn't a virgin except for him, and they had girlfriends and boyfriends. A lot of people thought he was gay, or an extremist Christian, and a lot of people made fun of him for this, too.

Taylor sighed and dug into his jeans pocket to grab his phone and call somebody at the orphanage to find and pick him up, but then a noise alerted him.

It sounded like a whisper, which Taylor quickly realized that there was words being formed.

The whisper spoke of the seven deadly sins, along with other evil things. Taylor was intrigued, he had never heard something like this before. At first, he thought it was his imagination playing tricks on him, but this was real.

He looked around, trying to locate where the sound was coming from. It whispered quietly with the wind from a dark and deserted alleyway a few feet from where Taylor stood. He walked towards it and called a cautious “Hello?” as he peeked into the alleyway.

Strange shadows danced off of the red brick walls that surrounded the narrow road. A large pile of trash sat at the end which was where the sound was coming from.

Feeling a sinking feeling of dread bubble up in his stomach, Taylor stepped towards the rubbish, and that's when things started to get really strange.

sorry for the smallish chapter. the next one will probably be longer, i don't know.

anyway, thoughts on the story so far?
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the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.} Empty
PostSubject: Re: the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.}   the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.} EmptyTue Mar 06, 2012 9:12 pm

i lied, this one isn't long LOL. it would be longer, but i wanted to leave a cliffhanger :V

oh welllll.

chapter two; hello, fallen angel.

It was immediate when it happened. Suddenly seeming like a harmless pile of trash, it was now something that would come from a nightmare.

Just as Taylor was about to open the trash bags and look inside for anything suspicious, he was blown back by a blast of oddly frigid flames and thick smoke.

Frozen in fear, Taylor looked up at the strange and frightening phenomenon before him. The flame and smoke twisted and formed into figures that reminded Taylor of demons. He saw people screaming in pain as they were being tortured by an unknown person.

Finally, he realized he was just laying flat on his back staring at something that was possibly deadly. He scampered up on his legs, grabbed his backpack that had fallen off from the blast and ran out of the alleyway. He ran out of the street, a mental map unfolding in his mind, telling him where to go.

In no time, he found himself back at his orphanage. He breathed a sigh of relief, while still remembering the strange thing he had seen. Should he tell his care owner about it? No, she would think he was crazy.

He entered the orphanage doors and was greeted by a plump old woman, who took his backpack and gave him a hug.

“How was school today, Taylor? I was getting worried when you didn't arrive at your usual time.”

Taylor shook his head, “Horrible as usual. I was used by people I thought I could trust...”

The old woman, Deborah, gave him a pitied frown, “I'm sorry, baby, maybe tomorrow will be better.”

Taylor snorted, “I doubt it.” He took his backpack from her and headed upstairs toward his dorm. He didn't have a roommate yet, which made it worse.

In all of Taylor's fourteen years of living here, he had never been tried for adoption. Sure, he had interviews with a lot of people, but no one seemed to want him. He sighed, what if he never got out of here? He was almost eighteen, so he could go out on his own once he was eighteen. He didn't need a family.

But then again, Taylor felt his loneliness surround him and feeling defeated, he sat on his bed, took of his shoes and laid there. He didn't even get up to go to supper, and when Deborah came in and asked if he was hungry, he turned down the offer of food even if his stomach gave a deafening growl.

He sighed and pretty soon, he fell asleep.

Taylor was wandering around in a dark forest. He knew he was dreaming, but he wondered why he was here. Dreams will be dreams.

A sound could be heard from the bushes. He realized it was the same sound that he had heard from the alleyway. Scared, he ran away from it, but no matter how far he went, he could still hear it.

Suddenly, something could be seen ahead, and it wasn't a pretty sight.

There lay thousands of bodies of dead people, with their hearts ripped out of their chests and blood covering everything solid. The smell of death flew up Taylor's nose and he restrained himself from vomiting.

He heard a ripping sound of flesh and his eyes focused on a large, half canine, half ram figure that was greedily eating a corpse's heart out.

Taylor wanted to scream, but he felt paralyzed. The creature noticed him through his eating and swung his head to look straight at him.

Piercing, red as the blood that stained the ground, eyes looked into Taylor's light green ones. Pieces of the heart dripping down the creature's chest, it smiled at him.

Taylor wanted to move and run. Run away from this terrible forest. But he couldn't, he was still frozen in place.

The creature unfolded jet black, and disheveled wings from his back and gave a strange roar, that was a mixture of varied screams and a growls of predators. It then launched itself at Taylor.

Not being able to do anything, not even raise his hands up to protect his face, Taylor found himself on his back, facing the creature that had pinned him down.

But before the creature could give a killing bite to the neck, it whispered something in Taylor's ears, the voice sounding harsh and ancient.

Meet me at the alleyway or you will end up like the poor people here.

With that, it and everything around it, disappeared and Taylor's eyes opened to see his familiar room.

He looked at the digital clock on his bedside table. It read “3:00 a.m”

Taylor shook his head and thought about the dream. He wanted to go back to the alleyway now, but then again, it was just a nightmare. But it was so vivid. Taylor actually felt as if he had been there.

He remembered the name of street that he saw on a sign when he was running out of the alleyway, and he fumbled through his backpack, looking for a pen and paper to write it down.

After writing it down, he laid back in his bed, wondering what the creature was and what it wanted from him.

Deep down, miles underneath the Earth's crust, there lay a figure, who continuously gnawed on a bone. He was canine in appearance, but had goat features. Red ram horns adorned his head and his back legs were that of ram hoofs. His legs were all black skeleton, and the jet black fur that clung to him, hung loosely off of his skin and bones figure. He waved his skeletal demon tail back and forth and his glowing, pupil-less, blood-red eyes stared at nothing ahead of him. His black and ragged angel wings were unfolded and continuously moving up and down, sending chilling air into his chamber, and to the other levels above.

No light shone in this cavern. It was dark and dank, and smelled like sulfur and death.

A slightly annoying scratching sound was coming from behind the fallen angel. He growled under his breath and whirled around to face the noise.

Cassius!” He screamed and the scratching stopped.

A solemn canine face peeped from the darkness, and Cassius's master growled again, “When will you ever learn to not etch mustaches onto the frozen sinners?”

Cassius dipped his head, “Sorry, Lord Satan, I will resist.”

There was a rumble from Satan's throat, “Good.” He hissed.

He turned away from Cassius, “I need silence while I think...” He mumbled.

Cassius groaned, “Is it the boy again?”

“Yes, the boy. Don't moan at me, it is troubling that he is so scared of everything. I just hope that nightmare I sent him will work.”

Cassius just nodded and seemed to melt into the shadows behind him, leaving Satan alone.

Beyond the shadows in front of him, Satan could see the other two betrayers, Brutus and Judas, sleeping soundly in a corner, their heads bleeding from Satan's constant chomping on the only flesh available in Cocytus, his lair.

“What a joy it would be to rule more than just the underground...” Satan mused to himself.

Taylor hurriedly ate his breakfast in the dining hall. He inhaled the bacon and eggs and swallowed his orange juice in one gulp.

“Hungry?” A boy that sat beside him asked.

Taylor just nodded, and got up from the table, asking if he could be excused.

After being excused, Taylor ran to his room, grabbed his coat, ran back downstairs and flew out the door. He was determined to find the street, even if it took him hours.

And it did take Taylor hours to find the street again. Already the sun was dipping below the horizon as twilight fell over. There had been many calls and texts from the orphanage on his phone, but he promised them he would be back before eight o'clock, which was curfew.

Finally, he arrived in the abandoned and blackened street. He stood around and waited, and in an instant, he heard the whispers. Sucking in his fear, and taking a deep breath, he went into the alleyway, and at once, the familiar trash cans that sat at the end burst unto flame and smoke.

Taylor stood his ground this time, and after the scenes of horror passed, he found himself staring at a pair of red eyes. He realized, these were the eyes that he had seen in his dream.

The thing inside spoke in that same, raspy voice. It boomed and echoed as the noise bounced off the buildings surrounding Taylor.

Taylor Duncan... I have seen your heart, and I know your fears... You are all alone in the world, with no friends or family to help you... You are weak and pitiful, and require strength...

Taylor tensed up, how did this thing know so much?

“Who are you?” Taylor shouted.

The flames seemed to intensify as the voice went on, “I am everything evil, I am every sin and every scrap of hate in the world. My name is Satan, the fallen angel once known as Lucifer. Lord of Hell; the fear of the holy, and the revelations of the sinners.

Taylor almost fainted. Satan, the rebellious fallen angel told in the Bible was real? Taylor didn't consider himself of any religion, and he never questioned the Bible, but now the truth was out. There really was a devil.

An eerie laugh flew into Taylor's ears as Satan continued on, “I know you crave strength and power...

“What do you want from me?” Taylor interrupted.

As I had said... You want power... You want to be known at school as not the loser, but the winner. The most cool kid on the face of the Earth. You crave acceptance from your peers... I have since watched you as a small child and I have felt your pain... You are just like me, craving power and having the world only grant you a turn of trust. From my small amount of pity I have for you, I have decided to share you my power... So you can witness the true feeling of being a king. You will fear no more, and I will guide you as a guardian and friend in every step you take...

Friend? The word echoed in Taylor's mind. Lord of the Underworld, as a friend? And power... Satan was right, he did want acceptance. He did want to be powerful, and have pride in himself.

Well? Will you accept my humble gift of immense power, or run away, and continue to be the loser you are known for?” Satan pressed. He then held out a skeletal, and blackened wolf paw, “Take my hand... I will show you the way.

Taylor gritted his teeth, and looking at Satan straight in the eye, he said, “I will accept.”

Satan smiled and stretched out his appendage further. Taylor closed his eyes, and grabbed the paw.

At once, flaring pain welled up inside him, and he screamed out in agony. Beyond his screams, he could hear Satan laughing, “Such wonderful screams! Dearest Taylor, you will feel my pain, you will feel my anger at the ones who let me fall, you will be me! You will fall from grace!

The pain was so great, Taylor could hardly scream anymore. He wondered if anybody heard him, if anybody would come and help him. But he was alone as always.

But I won't be alone anymore... He thought.

Fire blazed all around him, in the buildings, out on the street. Taylor didn't notice, but he did notice the large amount of anger swelling up inside him. It came from nowhere, but Taylor expected it was Satan's anger, and he was sharing it with him.

The agony continued on, and Taylor could feel himself getting faint. Just before he could take it no longer, he heard Satan's voice again, “You are mine...

Then he saw no more.

:V i feel like i rush things too much LOL. damn you guys don't even know what taylor looks like besides having green eyes. i'll add something about his hair in the next chapter, but i know you guys already have some kind of image of him in your head.

and yes, for those who have read dante's inferno, i have depicted satan's lair in how it's described in dante's inferno. :P
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the devil's gift. {pg-13, original story.}
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