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 Megu's Biased Opinions on Things No one Cares About - Week one

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Dark Trinity
Dark Trinity

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PostMegu's Biased Opinions on Things No one Cares About - Week one

Note that I'm just going to copy paste this one from ZN for this week. I had one typed out already, but something happened and I'm not in the mood to retype it >__> So yeah, next week (next Friday) will be more "original."

In short I'm just gonna post my opinion on some things (like music, TV shows, and video games) once every Friday that I can (if not Friday, Saturday). I'm doing this entirely because I'm...well, bored. xD It will be a "review" of sorts, for the band (music), the game (...I don't need to say it, do I?), and the TV show (read the previous). I'll be doing three bands or songs a week (this week I think I'll start with bands; I'll have two positive and one negative), two TV shows (again one negative and one positive), and one video game. (I'd do a negative but I'm too lazy to write it out xD)

I'm just bored out of my mind.

Um... I guess I'll...start?


1. Breaking Benjamin.
Before officially "starting off," I'd like to say this: I will be getting a majority of the images off of Google Images. I will provide a link to the site the image was received...well, on the bottom of blog.
For anyone who is not aware, Breaking Benjamin is an American Rock/Alternative Metal band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (I actually live near there xD)
I think Breaking Benjamin, over time, has become my favorite band (at least one of my favorites). The song that really got me "into" Breaking Benjamin, if I recall correctly, was "Give me A Sign, now one of my personal favorites by them.
It's strange, but honestly I think I prefer some of the newer songs than the older ones. xD

I believe that's all for BB. My opinion of them, in short, is that they're...one of my favorite bands.

2. Slipknot


Slipknot, again for anyone who was not aware, is an American heavy metal band (and nu metal, rap metal).
... I for one can't exactly name their members exactly, because I'm not one for band member names, but...Well, I don't really know.
The person who got me into Slipknot.. Is Itachi. I don't exactly remember when she got me into Slipknot, but I know for a fact the first song I heard was either I Am Hated, or My Plague. (I'd add a link, but... I don't want to have too many links, so...yeah.)
I think a majority of the songs I like from Slipknot are...actually older ones (mainly from their... I think 2002 album, Iowa. I think the "newest" one I like is "Before I Forget.")
I like Slipknot because of...well, if I'm annoyed at something, I just listen to Slipknot, and the screaming..um, keeps me sane in short. xD

Again, I think that's all for Slipknot.

Before wrapping favorites up.. Kyu asked me to do this one.
Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab is an Indie Rock band, and if I recall correctly, they are from America.
I'll jump on ahead to my favorite song. It is, at the moment... "We Looked like Giants." I think just about anyone would like the song, even if they don't like Indie Rock, but they like love songs of sorts.
So...that's all for Death Cab xD
Now, for the negative.

3. Pop music of any kind
(Ke$ha. I know Britney Spears is worse, but I think Ke$ha shows my opinion on Pop to be perfectly honest.)

Pop music... I must admit I used to listen to it. But now, I barely ever do unless my sister is in the car, and Pop comes on the radio. Or for some reason I'm on Pandora and it plays pop.
I'd post my favorite pop songs from when I still liked it, but to be perfectly honest I don't think anyone here would even listen to them so I won't bother. xD

My least favorites?
1. Anything by Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, J-Lo, Pitbull, Elrique...or whatever it is...

I think I can't stand pop because.. Well, a majority of the songs, just seem to be about sex. I know I do talk sexually from time to time, but honestly, I...just don't want to hear about you being in a threesome. (Britney Spears)
Or for that matter... Well, Ke$ha, for example, just now annoys me because at times her songs can be more sexual than Britney Spear's. (for example, just listen to Tik Tok..)

Well, I think that's going to be the longest segment of it. xD

Next up is...
Television. These will likely be a LOT shorter than music because I don't really know to say.. xD And I won't have an image for these most likely.
Positive votes:
1. Law and Order

I don't know why, but I actually love these shows. I think it's because of the...police...um, setup I guess you could say. I think I've liked all of the series' so far in it, although that I cannot say for certain.
I don't quite...have a favorite season of it, or character, but...yeah. I guess if I had to choose, I'd probably have to say UK because I like a majority of the episodes and I like the accents xD

That's all... Onto the negative vote.

Negative Votes:
1. American Idol.

I think the reason I can't stand it is quite obvious... A majority of the time, if I try to watch it, I normally can't get even two minutes in. And it's not because of the songs sung; it's just that normally, I'm..not too crazy about certain singers. (once Simon left, the one that insulted everyone pretty much, the show also wasn't as good /probably sounds biased...that and I can't stand J-Lo, as stated above. xD)

I'd put a lot more, but again, I think this is long enough as it is. xD

So I'm just gonna go to the video games.

Video games:
1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Wii

Nintendo if I am correct first showed this game two years ago, during E3. It wasn't for quite some time that they actually released the game, one week from today (January 15th, 2012) being its two month anniversary in America: November 22nd, 2011.
I think it's safe to say this was my favorite video game of 2011. And probably my favorite Zelda game, although to be perfectly honest I've only played Spirit Tracks, so I think that's only to be expected. xD (I wasn't much of a fan of ST)

... Nintendo in my opinion did a bit of a gamble by changing the controls in this game a bit, by using Wii Motion Plus (if I recall correctly Twilight Princess did not use Wii Motion Plus, but I can't say this for sure), though I think it was a pretty good choice. Although there are times the Wii Motion Plus did annoy me somewhat, to be perfectly honest. Such as...I think on the first area leading to the first dungeon. I don't want to spoil much, but honestly, the tightropes you have to cross from time to time I think gave me more of a problem than anything to be perfectly honest, Wii Motion Plus-wise.
I liked the graphics, and the bosses in my opinion so far (I just beat the fourth "boss" of the game, although the "fourth boss" technically is not in a temple; therefore it does not give a heart piece) have been pretty interesting, same going for the areas and the items you get within game. I think, without spoiling much, I'll say this: My favorite is the Beetle (it allows you to basically navigate areas to a certain extent, and hit switches and whatnot. Keep in mind I'm saying this at the present moment; I haven't exactly gotten all items yet in-game.

I think I should end this now. xD
Next week:

Positive 1:
Bullet For my Valentine
Positive 2:
Green Day
Bonus 1:
Linkin Park
It's a surprise xD

Have not yet decided.

Again, haven't yet decided.

Video games:
Not quite sure at time of writing, but most likely The Sims 3 Pets.


- Megu

(again, copy/pasted from ZN)

Next week:

Positive 1:
Positive 2:
Green Day
Bonus 1:
Suggestion please?

It's a surprise xD

Have not yet decided.

Again, haven't yet decided.

Video games:
Hmm... Um, I guess I'll just do my opinion on Spirit Trakcs (LoZ)? xD

Next week's will be "original" xD


[23:41:20] @ Deanne the Arsonist : "Lol no I understand. xD That rainbow cake looks really good and yes I know he has no vagina xD"
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Megu's Biased Opinions on Things No one Cares About - Week one :: Comments

Skyward Sword is awesomesauce. Srsly.

Megu's Biased Opinions on Things No one Cares About - Week one

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